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Metal Forming

Metal Forming

Catapult Global provides sheet metal forming and fabrication of materials ranging from aluminum to stainless steel. Our manufacturing approach and focus on quality makes us the supplier of choice for quick-response, medium to high volume requirements.

Catapult Global has a series of processes in house to satisfy customers' need. Starting from sheet metal fabrication such as punching, welding, coating, etc., to final system assembly and testing, we can offer customers with end- to-end solutions.

Catapult is also committed to high quality standard while lowering cost. All of our global manufacturing sites are ISO certified. We have chemical labs, testing labs, various inspection instruments (including 2-D and 3-D laser measurement machines, RoHS examination machine, etc.), and a series of quality assurance/control procedures to ensure quality in every operation.

  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Shearing
  • Laser cutting
  • NC punching
  • NC bending
  • Welding (robot welding, spot welding, CO2 welding, argon welding)
  • Coating (anodizing, chromate, chrome coating, zinc coating)
  • Painting (powder painting, wet painting)
  • Screen printing
  • Sheet metal assembly

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