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Privacy Policy

Because we understand that you are concerned about the privacy of information, we have established policies and procedures concerning the collection, use and security of your information that will help protect your privacy. Our Privacy Policy is designed to help us serve you while maintaining strict privacy and security standards.

How can you reach us?

You may reach us through the following channels:

  • Via US Mail or Delivery Services:
    Catapult Global, LLC
    751 West Warm Springs Road, Suite 125
    Henderson, NV 89011
  • Via Email
  • Telephone
  • Via Fax

What information do we collect from our website visitors?

For each visitor to our website, our web server collects:

  • The domain name, but not the e-mail address of visitors to our Web page
  • The e-mail addresses of those who communicate with us via e-mail
  • Aggregate information on what pages consumers access or visit
  • Information volunteered by the consumer, such as survey information and/or site registrations

How do we use cookies?

The cookie that is installed on your computer when you visit certain pages at our site contains only a token (string of alphanumeric characters) generated to maintain your session within our secured pages. The token in the cookie does not contain any comprehensible information. We use cookies to record session information.

How is this information used?

The information we collect is used for internal review and is then discarded. We do not share this information with other organizations for commercial purposes.

The collected information is used:

  • To improve the content of our web page
  • To notify visitors about updates to our website
  • By us to contact consumers for marketing purposes

We collect the email addresses of visitors to our website when visitors provide them, the email addresses of those who communicate with us via email, and information volunteered by the visitor, such as survey information, contract information and/or site registrations. We do not automatically collect any of this information from our website visitors.

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